North of Ireland West Highland White Terrier Club Championship Show 2013 Results

Judge Mrs Wendy Corri – Inverglen

DCC & BIS Edmondson’s Ch Pepabby Prank
BCC & RBIS Burns’ Burneze Plan Bea
RDCC Hughes’ Brychdyn Diamond Geezer
RBCC Lancaster’s Clanestar Cloud Chaser
BPIS Comdale Handsome Harry

  • MPDNo Entry
  • PD (1)
  • 1. Jennings’ Comdale Handsome Harry, 28.12.12, exh, Comdale Johnny Boy x Comdale Starr - BPIS
  • JD No entry
  • YD (1)
  • 1.Strand’sCrinan Code Name Westlake, 26.2.12, Hands, IrCh Havasu Hey Dude x Crinan Celesta
  • GD (1)
  • Strand’s Crinan Code Name Westlake
  • PGD (1)
  • 1. Molony’s Killynether Kolumbo, 12.4.11, exh, Ch/IrCh Havasu Hugo Boss x Ch/IrCh Killynether Krazy For you
  • LD (4)
  • 1. Hughes’ Brychdyn Diamond Geezer, 10.10.11, exh, IrCh Havasu Hey Dude x Brychdyn Marquise – RCC
  • 2. Hayton’sPedrohay Roberto, 19.5.11, exh, Ch Inverglen Banjo x Pedrohay Silver Rosebud
  • 3. West’s Tomlyndon’s Power of Love, 11.8.11, exh, Ch/Int Ch Karamynd Playing Away at Tomlyndon JW x Ch/Int Ch Tomlyndon Look of Love
  • 4. Jenkinson’sHighcross Willie Be Charmed, 29.8.09, exh, Ch Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Highcross Crimson Charm
  • OD (4,1a)
  • 1. Edmondson’s Ch Pepabby Prank, 8.5.09, exh, Krisma Spit n Polish x Ch Pepabby Priceless JW – CC& BIS
  • 2. Gilmartin’s IrCh Colla Supersmart via Loughallen,9.10.09, Mallons, IrCh Lymehills Super Trouper at Colla x IrCh Gilbri Ella at Colla
  • 3. Jennings’ Comdale Johnny Boy, 6.8.11. exh, Ch Walk the Line vom Diepenbrook to Krisma x  Ch Llovall As Mama Said to Comdale
  • V D/B(1)
  • 1. Cooper’s Ch Ashgate Camellia, B, 10.10.04, Berry, Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe x Ashgate Arum Lily
  • MPB (2)
  • 1. Johnston’s GlenveaghIzadora 28.3.13, exh, Carshairn Glen Scotia x Glenveagh Bewitching Buffy
  • 2. Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Dream, 20.2.13, exh, Something Special SuperbiaLynnsto x Ch Clanestar Careless Affair
  • PB (1)
    1.GlenveaghDemelza, 28.3.13, exh, Carshairn Glen Scotia x Glenveagh Bewitching Buffy
  • JB
    1.Jenkinson’sHighcross Charmer, 25.4.12, exh, Ch Pepabby Prank x Highcross Crimson Charm
  • 2.Jenkin’s Markstown Madamoiselle, 2.5.12, exh, Ch/IrCh Havasu Hugo Boss x Markstown Marrionette
  • YB (2)
  • 1.Fitzpatrick’s Royalcounty Lizzie Lindsay, 25.2.12, exh, Burneze Law and Order x Burneze Samantha at Royalcounty
  • 2.Gilmartin’s LoughallenCaNootsy Cutie, 5.1.12, exh, Ch Pepabby Prank x IrCh Loughallen Rising Star
  • GB (2,1a)
  • 1. Gilmartin’sOrka Dazzler, 5.1.12, exh, Ch Pepabby Prank x IrCh Loughallen Rising Star
  • PGB(3,1a)
  • 1. Lancaster’s Clanestar Cloud Chaser JW, 22.12.11, exh, Ch Bellevue Spirit Catcher x Clanestar Cloud Chasing – RCC
  • 2. Hayton’sPedrohay Sliver Magnolia, 19.5.11, exh, Ch Inverglen Banjo x Pedrohay Silver Rosebud
  • LB (6)
  • 1. Crockett’s Markstown Tail Her Maid with Havasu, 2.6.11, Jenkins, Ch/IrCh Havasu Hugo Boss x Markstown Marionette
  • 2. Morton’s Brychdyn Carrie OnSwifdon, 14.10.11, Hughes, IrCh Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon x Brychdyn Remarque
  • 3. Edmondson’s Pepabby Pirouette, 19.11.10, exh, Lorbri Sweet Talkin Guy x Ch Pepabby Priceless
  • 4. Tullis’sDrumsheugh White Mischief ShCm, 11.5.08, exh, Int Ch Kristajen Know It All x Killynether Kontessa of Drumsheugh
  • OB (8)
  • 1. Burns’ Burneze Plan Bea, 7.11.10, exhBocans Top Gun x Burneze Ever So Clever– CC & RBIS
  • 2. Smith’s Ch Faymar Fine Romance, 19.9.09, exh, Llovall Ain’t Misbehavin Mr x Davot Chase the Lady for Faymar
  • 3. Jennings’ Comdale Starr, 1.1.11, exh, Ch Pepabby Prank x Comdale Talk the Talk
  • 4. Lehtonen&Hotanen’s Int/Swe/Est/Fin Ch  Who’s Hot and Who’s Cold, 3.5.10, Lehtonen, Fin/Swe/Ch Alborada Heraldo x Fin Ch Who’s Divine breath
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1st yearling dog and 1st graduate dogweb
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