North of Ireland West Highland White Terrier Club Championship Show 2017 Results


DCC & Best in Show -Jenkins’, Crockett’s & Western’s - Havasu Herculepoirot.

RDCC& Reserve Best in Show -Steemson’s - Multi Int Ch BocansBackin Business (Re-import).

BCC - Fryer’s -Hopecharm Christmas Rose.

RBCC - Steemson’s - Roxholm Reign Dance By Bocans.

Best Puppy in Show-Fryer’s - Hopecharm Bit Of Fruitcake.

BISweb Best Puppy In Showjacketweb
Reserve Best Puppy In Showweb Best Veterawebn

Minor Puppy Dog (No Entries) 

Puppy Dog (1-0)

1) Young’s - Glenveagh’  Tartan Thistle 01/10/16 Johnston
 ( Ch Int Nordic, Sweden, DK Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest x Ir Ch Glenveagh Breanna).

Junior Dog (No Entries)

 Yearling Dog (No Entries )

 Graduate Dog (No Entries)

 Post Graduate Dog (No Entries)

 Limit Dog (2-1)

1)Thomson’s -Fernsunrise Fair Play to Ashgate 10/02/15 Woodward
 (Ch Can ChWindacre Ready to Rhumble (ATCAR 00426CAN) x Standeridge Star Spangled Von Fernsunrise).

 Open Dog (4-1)

1) Jenkins’, Crockett’s & Western’s - Havasu Hercule Poirot’  29/09/15 Jenkins&Crockett
 (Killynether Kolumbo x Ir Ch Markstown Tail Her Made with Havasu). Dog CC andBest in Show.

2Steemson’s - Multi Int Ch Bocans Backin Business (Re-import) 07/06/12 Ms J Steemson
(Ser, Rom Ch Bogarhazi’(Imp Ser) x Ucan’t Catcher BY Bocans) Reserve Dog CC and Reserve Best in Show.

3 Forster’s - Hillsted Masquerade At Thozow JW ShCM 03/11/14 Fox
(Ir Ch Havasu Hey Dude For Swifdon x Ch Comdale Miss January At Hillsted).

 Veteran Dog or Bitch (2-1)

1) ) Jenkins’- Crockett’s - Ch Ir, Ch Havasu Hugo Boss 22/08/09 Crockett
(Havasu Alfie Moon x Ch, IrCh Charosmack Cracked Ice Over Havasu.)Best Veteran.

 Minor Puppy Bitch (1-0)

1) Fryer’s -Hopecharm Pretty Penny 26/01/17 Exh
(CH,Int Ch Karamynd Play the Game JW  x Hopecharm Fleur De Lis)

 Puppy Bitch (3-1)

1) Fryer’s - Hopecharm Bit Of Fruitcake 27/10/16 Exh
(CH, Int Ch Karamynd Play the Game JW  x Pride And Precious Sweet White Angel  By Hopecharm (Imp Aut)
Best Puppy in Show.

2)Dale’s - Lynnsto Ryme And Reason  26/11/16xxEh( Lynnsto Judgement Day x Lynnsto Grace & Favour).

 Junior Bitch (1-0)

1)Johnston’s - GlenveaghFloria Tosca 01/10/16 Exh
(Ch Int Nordic, Sweden, DK Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest x  Ir Ch Glenveagh Breanna).

Yearling Bitch (1-0)

1)Foster’s - Thozow Edelweiss 04/02/16 Exh
(Hillsted Masquerade At Thozow JW ShCMx Thozow Forget Me NotĀ  ShCM).

Graduate Bitch (No Entries)

Post Graduate Bitch (5-5)

1) Dale’s - Lynnsto Evelyn All 14/02/16 Exh (Lynnsto Judgement Day x LynnstoIaas Star).

2)Eldridge’s -Sarogo Water Lillie 04/10/15Exh, (Magic Matisse VomMaerchengarten (Imp DEU) x Lily Our Delight).

 Limit Bitch (1-0)

1)Fryer’s - Hopecharm Christmas Rose 8/12/15 Exh
(Ch Int+ Muti Ch Hopecharm Prince Harry (Re-Import) x Hopecharm Ops A Daisy JW. Bitch CC.

 Open Bitch (5-1)

1)Steemson’s - Roxholm Reign Dance By Bocans 17/12/13 Clements
( Nz&Aus Ch Bocans Strictly Business x Salmark Street Dance). ReserveBitch CC

2)Foster’s- Thozow Forget Me NotShCM 18/11/12 Exh
(CH SomethingĀ  SpecialSuperbiaLynnsto (Imp Pol)) x Thozow Sweet Pea.

3)Ash’s - Ashgate Lia With Hillcloud 13/04/15 Berry
 (Ch Can Ch Windacre Ready to Rhumble (ATCAR00426CAN) x Fenlair Shadow Of  Doubt With Ashgate.

4)Johnston’s - Ir Ch Glenveagh Breanna CW16 01/04/14 Exh
( Ch Iris Ch Havasu Hugo Boss x BowilliaLyka Charm to Glenveagh (IKC)).

1st Puppy Dogweb1
1st Limit Dogweb1
1st Open Dogweb2
2nd Open Dogwe
3rd Open Dogweb1 Best Veterawebn
1st MPBweb
1st Puppy Bitchweb1
2nd puppy bitchweb1
1st Junior Bitchweb2 1st Yearling Bitchweb
1st PG Bitchweb
2nd PGBweb
1st Limit Bitchweb1
1st Open Bitch web
2nd Open Bitchweb1
4th Open Bitchweb2
3rd Open Bitchweb2
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