Results from 2003 Open Show – Judge Mrs Joyce Skelton (Avianco)

BIS – Ken and Pamela Crockett’s HAVASU HOIPOLOI


BPIS – Ken and Pamela Crockett’s MARKSTOWN MR HAVASU

Puppy Dog

1.Crocketts’ MARKSTOWN MR HAVASU, 16.3.03, bdr Mrs Jenkins, Charosmack Cristmas Cracker x Fireside Lass

Junior Dog No entry

Novice Dog or Bitch

1. Crocketts’ HAVASU HOI POLOI, bitch, 31.10.02, bdr Exh, German Ch Braitnouz                   Grasshopper x Ch/Ir and Danish Ch Havasu Humber Lady

2. Gilmartin’s CREVAMOY WHITE KNIGHT, dog, 18.4.02, bdr Adams, Kergilliack Conman at Crevamoy x Crevamoy Supergirl

Graduate Dog

1. Crevamoy WHITE KNIGHT

Limit Dog No entry

Open Dog

1. Burke’s MILO McTAVISH OF CLEE-CNOC, 19.3.99, bdr Exh, Ch Newtownglen Tartan Trader x Brougherview Clementine

2. Ward’s STEAMBOAT WILLIE , 25.7.99, bdr Mrs Owens, St Abbs at Crevamoy x Crevamoy Texan Girl

Veteran Dog or Bitch

1. Molony’s CH/IR CH KILLYNETHER KAVANAGH, dog, 8.2.95, bdr Exh, Ch Haweswalton Apache x Killynether Christabel

2. Johnston’s GLENVEAGH GUINIVERE, bitch, 21.11.93, bdr Exh, Wallacehill McAuley x Ch/ Ir Ch Glenveagh Gabriella

Puppy Bitch

1. Molony’s KILLYNETHER KALENDAR GIRL, 21.01.03, bdr Exh, Ch/Ir Ch Killynether Kavanagh x Lorbri Jive Talkin to Killynether

2. McManus’s BROUGHERVIEW WHITE HEATHER, 28.4.03, bdr Exh, Crevamoy Special Request x Chloe Isobella at Brougherview

3. McConnell’s BROUGHERVIEW GORTIN GLEN, 28.4.03, bdr McManus, Crevamoy Special Request x Chloe Isobella at Brougherview

Junior Bitch


2. McDonald’s MAC’S QUEENIE, 20.10.02, bdr Exh, Saint Abbs at Crevamoy x Snowey Belle

Graduate Bitch

1. Troughton’s LORBRI JIVE TALKIN TO KILLYNETHER, 26.4.00, bdr Mr and Mrs Smith, Hillsted Super Trouper x Juadsa Honky Tonk Woman at Lorbri

2. Owen’s KENSBRIDGE ANGEL KISSES, 10.2.02, bdr Mr and Mrs Neil, Saint Abbs at Crevamoy x Gatewood Lavenders Blue at Coleenville

3. McManus’s CHLOE ISOBELLA AT BROUGHERVIEW, 27.10.00, bdr Burke, Saint Abbs at Crevamoy x Brougherview Clementine

4. McConnell’s COCO CHANEL, 7.7.01, bdr Gilmore, Bright Chap x Lisgar Weebo

Limit Bitch

1. Johnston’s GLENVEAGH JADELLA, 21.12.01, bdr Exh, Ch/Ir Ch Glenveagh Mr Music Man x Ir Ch Glenveagh Jazzmin

2. Lonsdale’s DRUMNABREEZE LINNET, 22.9.00, bdr Exh, Ch/Ir Ch Killynether Kavanagh x Snowdrop Stars

3. Swiney’s GLENVEAGH JANINA, 26.12.00, bdr Johnston, Ch Juadsa Wired For Sound x Glenveagh Jezebel

Open Bitch

1. Johnston’s GLENVEAGH GIFTED GRACIE, 9.9.00, bdr Exh, Ch/Ir Ch Glenveagh Mr Music Man x Glenveagh Nell Gwyn


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