Judge: Mr Harry O’Donoghue (Blackdale)
BIS K&P Crockett’s Havasu Pai
RBIS L&C Mallon’s Colla Electric Dreams
BPIS A Gilmartin’s Loughallen Bedazzled by Pilgrim


Puppy Dog (2)

1. Gilmartin’s Loughallen Bedazzled by Pilgrim, 13.10.06, Exh, Ch Ir Am Int Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate x Loughallen Lily White Gal

2. Crockett’s Havasu High Tech, 21.12.06, Exh, Havasu Pai x Ch Ir Ch Charosmack Cracked Ice over Havasu

Junior Dog No entry

Novice Dog or Bitch (1, 1)

Graduate Dog No entry

Limit Dog (2)

1. Crockett’s Havasu Pai, 21.11.05, Exh, Ch/Rus Ir Ch Markstown Mr Havasu x Havasu Hells Angel

2. Owens’ Duncabury Heez a Wonder, 29.9.05, Exh, Ch Rus Ir Ch Markstown Mr Havasu x Crevamoy Dream Girl of Duncabury

Open Dog (1)

1. Gilmartin’s Loughallen Bonnie Prince Scott, 1.1.04, Exh, Charosmack Cristmas Craker for Cooley x Loughallen Bonnie Lass

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2.1)

1. Troughton’s Lorbri Jive Talkin to Killynether, 26.4.00, Mr & Mrs Smith, Hillsted Super Trouper x Juadsa Honky Tonk Woman at Lorbri

Puppy Bitch No entry

Junior Bitch (1)

1. McManus’s Brougherview Hidie-hi, 14.7.06, Exh, Kimgarwyn Night Storm to Crevamoy x Brougherview White Heather

Graduate Bitch (2)

1. Mallon’s Colla Electric Dreams, 22.2.06, Exh, Ch Ir Am Int Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate

2. McManus’s Brougherview White Heather, 28.4.03, Exh, Crevamoy Special Request x Chloe Isobella at Brougherview

Limit Bitch (3, 2)

1. Johnston’s Glenveagh Glinka, 11.4.05, Exh, Newtonglen Lord O’ the Isles x Ir Ch Glenveagh Gifted Gracie

Open Bitch (5, 4)

1. McManus’s Chloe Isobella at Brougherview, 27.10.00, Mrs Burke, St Abbs at Crevamoy x Brougherview Clementine


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