Results of Breed Supported Entry Show 2011 –Judge Ms Mich Dale

Best of Breed–IrCh Glenveagh Fibber McGee

Reserve Best of Breed–IrCh Gilbri Ella at Colla

Best Puppy - Killynether Kolumbo

Minor Puppy  Dog/Bitch (4,2)

1. Jenkins’ Markstown Moriarty, D, 30.05.11, Exh, Greycliffe Easter Parade at Newtownglen x Markstown Marionette

2. Molony’s Killynether Kracklin Rosie, B, 12.05.11, Exh, Havasu Hugo Boss x Ch Killynether Krazy For You

Puppy Dog/Bitch (4)

1. Molony’s Killynether Kolumbo, D, 12.05.11, Exh, Ir Ch Havasu Hugo Boss x Ch Killynether Krazy For You - BP

2. Jenkins’ Markstown Tail Her Maid, B, 02.06.11, Exh, Ir Ch Havasu Hugo Boss x Markstown Mayhem

3. Fleming’s Loughallen Pause For Clause, D, 07.12.10, Gilmartin, Ch Karamynd Play The Game x Ir Ch Loughallen Cutest Connoisseur

 4. Owens’ Duncabury Designer Chic, B, 02.04.11, Exh, Ir Ch Havasu Hugo Boss x Duncabury Be Mine

Limit D/B – no entry

Open Dog (2)

1. Johnston’s Ir Ch Glenveagh Fibber McGee, 28.12.09, Exh, Multi Ch Spoilt Brat Du Moulin de MacGregor x Ir Ch Glenveagh Glinka BOB

2. Gilmartin’s Loughallen Bedazzled by Pilgrim, 13.10.06, Exh, Multi Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate x Loughallen lily White Gal

Open Bitch (5,3a)

1. Mallons’ Ir Ch Gilbri Ella at Colla, 17.10.07, Exh, Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Ch Wistonant Royal Ruby at Gilbri -RBOB

2. Crockett’s Havasu Has Em Talking,17.03.10, Exh, Ch/IrCh Havasu Hot Rodd via Duncabury x Havasu Heaven Helpuz


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